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This is our most sensitive of AFSS modules. We are passionate about continuity and sustainability strategies which forms part of AFSS 'Green Environment' module. The module allows local government policies to be considered and periodic targets to be defined.

"The value of any business regardless of size is hedged in Goodwill. Any entity disregarding environmental concerns is deliberately setting itself for failure" by Vincent Santeng. AFSS Green Environment module allows triggers to be defined and any breached trigger severity and management exception reports. Our disaster recovery module considers environmental green strategies.

Our Commitment

Pollution and Types


Disaster Events

Global Warming

Solar System

Environmental damage through depletion of resources is generally referred to as environmental degradation. Events mostly triggered by human beings includes pollution and deforestation. AFSS  is an environmental conscious entity and helping clients to be good citizens of earth is a small role and contribution we appreciate to use technology to help.



"Climate concerns discussions should not only be at governmental levels to reduce significant political risks, gamesmanship, showmanship and lack of true commitment. Regional inhabitants must create custodians with integrity and concerns for future generations at managerial levels themselves. The less influential roles politicians are afforded the more likelihood of succeeding for future generations"; by Vincent Santeng




We do not refuse or discriminate to act as consultants for any client however we continuously attempt to influence our clients on matters that reduces global warming and improves environmental status. However, there are critical and definable logical expected behaviours we have set ourselves that we will not cross if acting for any client would compromise our values and goodwill standing. We never claim to be ultimate experts, and this explains why we devote significant time and resource towards our desire for safer environment for all. We offer Consultancy together with our associated partners to any business that requires our expertise in any area of specialty affecting our environment, global warming, and climate changes.



Population and economic growth give justifiable reasons according to participants of deforestation. This is not only subjective view or short term but potential devaluation of goodwill value of those who share same or similar values. Afforestation has many definitions including statement issued by the UN. The process of reversing afforestation must be done with solely objective of saving the earth for future generations.




Three Main Types of Pollution are:

1. Air Pollution of emissions into our atmosphere affects the air all living things requires for living. At industrial scale it could kill instantly. Ecosystems are usually destroyed including extinction of wildlife not able to adapt to less quality of air they need.


2. Land Pollution could be acts of negligence against future generations and eventually could impact intensity of Water Pollution. It could take decades for polluted lands to be restored to neutral and natural state.


3. Water Pollution eventually affects living creatures in our water bodies and finally parts of our food chain. Polluted waters require significant resources to be anywhere semblance of affected water bodies even after allegedly restored after pollution.



Green Strategy

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