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Absolute Financial Software Solutions or AFSS, offers cost-effective solutions for various industries, featuring user-friendly and simplified approaches. Our methodology enables clients to choose the most suitable processes for their operations, while we customise our solutions to seamlessly align with their business processes. We are committed to providing standard, enhanced, and tailored software solutions based on clients' specific business needs. As cloud-based solutions, our services ensure round-the-clock access to your account and data throughout the year.

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According to Vincent Santeng, the CEO of AFSS, it is essential for every organisation to adopt an enterprise management approach and strategy. Regardless of their size, each organisation requires a customised approach that serves as an effective management tool.


AFSS offers an integrated modular Straight-Through-Processing (STP) system that can be implemented as a standalone solution. The system includes a comprehensive data dictionary and defined APIs, facilitating seamless integration with third-party software solutions. Data capture and migration to and from AFSS are flexible, allowing for customisation and improvement based on specific implementation needs. In addition to our proprietary solutions, AFSS collaborates with other solution providers to enhance or redevelop solutions, aiming to improve client and partner processes.

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AFSS Approach

Absolute Financial Software Solutions (AFSS) is a robust software package comprising numerous modules. Each module is designed as a comprehensive Off-The-Shelf solution, eliminating the need for additional functionality enhancements. Since 2008, AFSS Software Development House has been delivering both proprietary solutions and customised, client-specific bespoke solutions. Our extensive module library includes software for Financial Market Solutions, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Bookkeeping, and Accounting Reporting.


AFSS operates as an integrated modular Straight-Through-Processing (STP) system, offering flexibility in implementing each module as a standalone solution. With a comprehensive data dictionary and well-defined APIs, AFSS facilitates seamless integration with third-party software solutions. The system allows for flexible data capture and migration to and from AFSS, enabling customization and enhancement for specific implementations. In addition to our proprietary solutions, AFSS collaborates with other solution providers to enhance or redevelop solutions, keeping client and partner processes in mind for continual improvement.

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AFSS Developed Modular Solutions

AFSS modules can easily adapt to various business requirements and market practices, allowing clients to enhance existing functionalities as needed. The range of AFSS software modules is extensive and includes:

  • Charges and Pricing

  • ERM & Compliance

  • ERP & CRM Solutions

  • Connectivity & Settlements

  • Stock Market & Equity Trading

  • Non-Financial Industries Sectors

  • Money Remittance & Trade Finance

  • Minerals and Manufacturing and Retail

  • Basel Accord & Regulatory Compliance

  • Treasury Management & Economic Capital

  • Accounting and Payroll, operating under the name Absolute Accountancy


With extensive experience in developing financial markets software, we guarantee that we can meet your software needs for various industries, including banks and finance sector operators. Our expertise extends to providing software solutions, training, and support across a wide range of industries. As experts in software solutions, we possess in-depth knowledge of specific industries, products, and processes, allowing us to enhance your business considerations and develop effective solution implementation strategies.


Our services and industry modules offer customisable activities, charges, prices, an AFSS account module, automatic generation of account entry events, AFSS CRM, and a recommended payroll module. Additionally, you can define internal reports and generate external regulatory reports. These two modules can be integrated for an entity, along with other AFSS modules.

Services Sectors

The Services module enables users to configure service sectors according to their specific requirements. It provides comprehensive tracking of activities and exceptional events. As services typically involve a significant personnel component, the AFSS personnel module is included to facilitate efficient management.

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Industry Sectors

During the implementation process, we take into account the industry types specified by the client. We ensure that all relevant elements of cost are accurately defined and captured. This includes features such as stock control and valuation, which incorporates end-of-day prices for commodities.


Banks and financial institutions operate with diverse functionalities, approaches, structures, and appearances, coupled with different licensing and compliance requirements. Market participants engage in various activities such as retail banking, trade finance, retail lending, and deposits with customers, or investment banking and financial market operations with counterparties. To streamline communication and confirmation processes, market participants commonly rely on third-party connectivity solutions like SWIFT. Acquiring a license entails meeting compliance requirements and adhering to best practices. AFSS provides modular applications specifically designed to support market participants in their front office, middle office, back office, and off-balance activities.

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AFSS Banking Solutions

AFSS Banking Solution offers flexibility in implementation, allowing banks to choose between a single comprehensive unit or a modular approach. Banks can select specific modules from AFSS Banking Solution that meet their unique requirements. Once the desired modules are chosen, AFSS will seamlessly integrate them into a unified global software solution. These modules can include an automated interface, instruction processing, deal capture, message confirmation, settlement, and post-settlement management. Each module consists of user-friendly entry forms and customisable charges to suit the bank's needs.

Financial Markets Solutions

With our extensive experience in developing financial markets software, we have successfully delivered practical and essential software solutions for a wide range of industries, including banks and finance sector operators. Rest assured that we can meet your specific software requirements. Our services encompass software solutions, training, and ongoing support for the most reputable industries. As experts in software solutions, we possess profound knowledge of specific industries, products, and processes, allowing us to enhance your business considerations and develop effective strategies for implementing our solutions.

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With our extensive experience in developing financial markets software, we have successfully provided essential software solutions to various industries, including banks and finance sector operators. Rest assured that we can meet your specific software requirements. Our expertise extends to offering software solutions, training, and support for a wide range of industries. As seasoned software solution experts, we possess in-depth knowledge about specific industries, products, and processes, enabling us to enhance your business considerations and implement effective solution strategies.

We collaborate closely with PMCT Accountants and Consultants to deliver consultancy and training services. Throughout the years, our joint efforts with PMCT Accountants & Consultants have resulted in the creation of numerous specialised platforms dedicated to consultancy and training. For booking training sessions, please contact our affiliated entity, Outsource Professional Directors (OPD).

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AFSS Consultancy

AFSS consulting teams primarily focus on project management during implementations. These teams are comprised of seasoned professionals, including a consultant with extensive market experience as a practitioner, business analysts, client account managers, and software developers. In some cases, clients may choose to engage independent HR consultants to oversee project management levels, without necessarily implementing the AFSS software solution. The scope of consideration for AFSS consultants encompasses both tactical and strategic solutions.

AFSS Training

Ensuring the presence of competent and sufficient human resources is crucial for effective business operations. To attain and sustain a competitive advantage, the significance of continuous training cannot be overstated. Training programs are offered in conjunction with PMCT Accountants & Consultants, incorporating practical data and relevant AFSS solutions.

Our training initiatives encompass two primary aspects:

  1. AFSS software user training, which focuses on imparting practical skills for utilising AFSS software effectively.

  2. AFSS offering training, which covers general market practices and industry standards.


These training sessions are conducted by experienced business analysts or consultants and are facilitated through established platforms developed over years of collaboration with PMCT Accountants & Consultants.

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Vincent Santeng believes that climate concerns and discussions should not be limited to governmental levels alone. To mitigate significant political risks, gamesmanship, showmanship, and a lack of genuine commitment, it is imperative for individuals within regions to assume custodial responsibilities with integrity and a genuine concern for future generations. By reducing the influential roles politicians hold in these matters, there is a higher likelihood of achieving success for the benefit of future generations.

Environmental degradation, which encompasses the depletion of resources, is a significant concern. It primarily stems from human activities, such as pollution and deforestation. At AFSS, we recognise the importance of environmental consciousness and strive to assist our clients in becoming responsible global citizens. Our role is modest, but we appreciate the opportunity to leverage technology to contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Global it may be, however it is a single entity

We acknowledge that a business comprises various components, each presenting its unique set of challenges. AFSS offers comprehensive modules that cater to these different aspects, including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Disaster Recovery, Regulatory Capital and Compliance, Economic Capital, Continuity, and Sustainability.

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Remember Goodwill Value of Your Business

According to Vincent Santeng, the value of any business, irrespective of its size, is closely tied to its Goodwill. However, he emphasises that any entity that overlooks environmental concerns is knowingly positioning itself for inevitable failure.

The AFSS Green Environment module enables the definition of triggers and generates reports indicating the severity of breached triggers and management exceptions. Additionally, our disaster recovery module incorporates environmentally friendly strategies.

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AFSS solutions consist of multiple modules, each of which can be customised to meet the unique requirements of users' businesses. Our modular approach and component-based architecture allow clients to select the specific functionalities they require. At AFSS, we believe that every business is unique, and with our available resources, we aim to enhance the purchased modules beyond the standard market functionalities to fulfill specific client requests.

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Why Select AFSS

AFSS offers round-the-clock support for post-implementation services, ensuring assistance is available to clients worldwide every day of the year. We operate globally, allowing clients to adopt AFSS solutions in their preferred geographical locations and offering scalable solutions tailored to meet their specific user-defined requirements. The availability of AFSS resources and strategic expertise further strengthens the reasons why businesses prefer our services.

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