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Business Analyst



AFSS is made up of many modules and each module is adaptable for users business requirements. AFSS modular approach and component based architecture implies clients decides on functionalities required. AFSS believes each business is unique and with resources available to AFSS, we will enhance respective modules purchased beyond general functionalities accepted as market standard to meet needed client request. AFSS support post implementation is available 24/7 throughout the year and we operate globally to allow clients adopting AFSS solution to geographical placement of their choice as well as scaling  solution to meet specific users defined requirement. AFSS resource and strategy available to clients affirming why businesses prefer AFSS include stated below.

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Experience Software Developers

As software development entity with many years experience of providing software solutions for clients, we are confident to conclude that we have reasonable experience of most issues faced by businesses. Software developers provide market enhancements services on new IT strategies.

Consultants and Account Managers

We have dedicated team of market specialists ever ready to respond to issues a client may have. Our consultants are also responsible for ensuring a client business process is enhanced to avoid duplication of data and improve on efficiency. Each client is assigned dedicated Account Manager.

Business Analysts

For every implementation we provide subject experts as business analysts to work with client own business users. Our analysts helps with business process analysis and data mapping. They are responsible for specifying enhancement requirements for AFSS software development team 

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Modular Based Approach 

We see every business as unique entity with its own specific characteristics. AFSS software solutions are provided on:

1. Core system process with inherent AFSS attributes

2. General industry required solutions, and

3. Specific client requirements requiring AFSS to adapt or even develop further solutions based on client user defined specifications.

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Flexible Integration

We believe business requirements are dynamic and that software solutions must evolve to periodically to attain fit for purpose status. AFSS is deliberately endowed with database and API's to allow for interface with third-party software data mapping to and from AFSS software solutions. Our modular approach ensures a client implements what is relevant to their requirements.

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Straight Through Processing (STP)

AFSS software modular structure ensures that each from data capture, processing, managing, reporting and maintaining is adequately protected to allow for end-to-end process without needed any third-party solution. AFSS is component based structured solution and with language translator to allow users communicate better with their defined groups.

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