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Absolute Financial Software Solutions (AFSS) is significantly large software with many modules. Each module is developed as a general software as an Off The Shelf without any need to enhance functionalities. AFSS modules are flexible to be adopted to any business requirements and market practices if a client intends enhancing existing functionalities for relevant any reason. Each module is made up of many sub-modules including accounts, charges, entry screens, post entry management, exceptions and reports.

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Stock Market & Equity Trading

AFSS Banking is an integrated modular-based software solution for Straight Through Processing (STP). It covers pre-trading, trading, matching, settlement, and reconciliation across Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office functions.

AFSS ERM is a flexible and integrated solution, implemented in modular form. It allows for deployment on various platforms and enables separate management of different risk types. Regulatory parameters can be defined and reported based on user-defined durations.

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Capital Adequacy & Compliance

AFSS offers a comprehensive solution for the Capital Adequacy and Compliance module, known as Basel Accord. It includes regulatory capital elements, risk thresholds, and exposure levels for portfolios. The AFSS Basel Accord rules engine and data dictionary enable seamless integration with external data sources. The AFSS Regulator sub-module assists state regulators in managing compliance requirements for banks and financial firms. An online version is available for reporting firms to fulfill their obligations to regulators.

Security Trading &  Settlement Software

AFSS Banking is a comprehensive software solution that covers pre-trading, trading, matching, settlement, and reconciliation. It includes modules for the Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office, with inherent connectivity for message transmission. The Finance Modules handle accounting entries, activity tracking, and event matching, while the Charges module is directly linked to each trade cycle.

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Accounting & Payroll Software

AFSS provides the Absolute Accountancy (AA) Solution, a comprehensive accounting software that includes bookkeeping, budgeting, management reports, financial reports, and a dedicated module for payroll processing. Developed jointly with PMCT Accountants & Consultants, AA Solution supports automated reconciliation, multi-currency functionality, and digital data recording.

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Treasury Management & Economic Capital

AFSS Banking offers an integrated modular-based Straight Through Processing (STP) solution. It encompasses pre-trading, trading, instruction matching and confirmation, settlement, and reconciliation for the Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office. The Treasury modules of AFSS Banking provide solutions for various functionalities, including:

  1. Cash Flow Management

  2. Asset Liability Management (ALM)

  3. Cost of Carry, particularly for Derivatives

  4. Custody

  5. Corporate Action

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Money Remittance & Trade Finance

AFSS Financial Market Retail solutions consist of the following modules:

  1. Account Opening Module with integrated risk assessment

  2. International and Local Money Remittance module, offering a global solution that seamlessly interfaces with various payment target solutions.

  3. Trade Finance module for import and export transactions. The AFSS solution provides integration for International Invoice Settlement.

  4. Micro Finance module tailored for Emerging Markets.

  5. Retail Loans and Deposits module.

ERM & Compliance Solution

Integrated modular based Straight Through Processing (STP). AFSS Banking is a software solution for pre-trading, trading, matching of instructions and confirmation, settlement, reconciliation. The models are for Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office. AFSS ERM solution is an integrated solution based on modular implementation allowing each module and combinations to be deployed on many platforms. Each risk type is managed separately to allow for end user management and also as a consolidation for firmwide consideration. We allow regulatory parameters to be defined and reported based on User defined durations.

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ERP & CRM Solution

AFSS ERP solution has following modules: CRM, Financial Management, HR Management, Payroll Management, Inventory Management, Order Management and Supply Chain Management. AFSS ERP is scoped for consideration including

  • ​Health Services

  • Energy Industries

  • Financial Services 

  • Discrete Industries

  • ​Education and Training

  • Retail and Consumer Industries

  • Public and Local Councils Services

  • Service Industries including Tourism

  • Natural Resources including Mining Industries 

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