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Industries and Sectors

AFSS Industry module has many submodules, and they shall common characteristics of design and database structures. Only what is unique to a particular submodule has created AFSS industry classification. AFSS Industry module has all AFSS core modules plus peculiar attributes that are unique to a business with physical operating items for trading which the service sector does not necessarily have. Other characteristics of AFSS classification of an operation as Industry is the presence of stock on the face of financial statements of performance and or position. AFSS Industry module allows capturing of operational costs including carriage, warehousing, valuation and pricing, spoilage and loses, development and exploration, insurance and mitigation, raw material, in progress and work in progress, periodic stock taking of items meant for resale, and many more. AFSS Industry module could be merged with any AFSS solution module including AFSS Service module and corresponding submodules.

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